Friday, 30 December 2011


I have tried and given up on Twitter more times than I can remember. This is due to a combination of not being quite committed enough to tweet regularly, forgetting my password and wondering who actually cares that my new pair of JC Lita Spikes have just arrived. So I have decided therefore to leave Twitter to those with patience and stick to updating and this blog instead. Rather than listing current music/ style/ art obsessions and work updates in sporadic Twitter updates, it is far easier to collate them into one blog post. I haven’t updated my blog because I finally got around to creating my website So here goes.

This year I spent seven months collaborating with South London wonder-band LA SHARK to produce a zine about their world. I have recently uploaded it online so if you fancy having a flick through go to: Since finishing that, I have been wanting to create a new publication. After deliberating for what feels like forever I have finally started work on a new skate/ music zine. It’s still pretty early days but I will keep posting updates as and when I do a shoot/ interview. The main inspiration for this has been a re-kindled love of Dazed and Confused, the film not the magazine (although the magazine is great also). Cue an unhealthy obsession with tie dye/ acid wash denim and an appreciation of boys with long hair that I haven’t had since I was seven years old and Hanson were considered heartthrobs.

This month I have been mostly listening to The Grateful Dead, Ssssnakes (the photo at the top of this blog was taken at a gig of theirs in Swansea), Slayer, Kutosis, Crushed Beaks and Girls. I have also developed an unhealthy obsession with watching Criminal Minds and wanting to visit San Franciso, which has probably only been exacerbated by excessive listening to The Dead/ Girls.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Friday, 23 September 2011


I was recently invited to design the limited edition On|Off x Tuuli fanzine that was distributed during London Fashion Week. On|Off is constantly at the forefront of emerging British and international fashion, and since 2003 has provided significant help to innovative and directional designers. They have given designers including JW Anderson, Mark Fast, Hannah Marshall and Charlie Le Mindu a platform to showcase their work. This season, rather than producing their usual four day event, On|Off and Tuuli decided to host an intimate catwalk dinner for 30 exclusive people in fashion. This was held at Rankin's studio in North London and coincided with the release of the fanzine, which was art directed by Tuuli. Also included is a feature about young photographic talent, personally selected by Tuuli and Rankin. For more information about On|Off and to download a full copy of the publication please visit

Tuesday, 2 August 2011


'LA SHARK' is a limited edition fanzine that is the result of an eight month collaboration between Gemma Louise Wilson and LA SHARK. It is inspired by the five elements and provides a multi-faceted insight into theglamorous world of New Cross five piece band LA SHARK. It is printed on heavy-weight recycled paper and tracing paper, with a perforated inside to allow pages to be torn out.

Available to purchase soon from

Online version available to view at

Saturday, 11 June 2011


Clothes and Styling Kit Neale
Model Richard

Sunday, 3 April 2011


Friends Electric soundcheck.