Wednesday, 11 July 2012


Just when I thought that my days of being a blog-posting flake were long behind me, I have managed to let three months pass by without so much as even a photo post. I would use the excuse that I’ve been pretty cut-up by Christopher Owens’ departure from Girls, but that only happened last week so excuses aside, here's what I've been up to.

Things have been pretty quiet on the gig front lately, but last month a few friends and I went to the Sexbeat 5th Birthday Cruise on the Thames. This was supposed to be a tribute/re-creation of sorts of the Sex Pistols Silver Jubilee boat cruise 30 years previous. Musical delights were provided by Crocodiles, who I have seen play several times and always look forward to watching. The band playing before them was Weird Dreams, who I was aware of but have never properly listened to. I decided to watch their set out of curiosity (their singer was wearing an Elvira t-shirt, which may have influenced this decision was pretty neat) and am glad that I did so. I might be a little late to the party in getting into them, given that they supported Girls at The Forum in May, but their song ‘Little Girl’ has been on repeat in my head for what feels like forever. I would really recommend them as a live act and their album ‘Choreography’. I unfortunately didn’t take any photos of the night as I forgot my camera but for those interested there are some on the Sexbeat website.

It’s a bit early to do a July post but I had been looking forward to going to watch east London metal band Throne (big love for their music/merch/hair) play in Camden last Thursday for a while when Lewis from LA SHARK invited me to their single launch for Modern Man at new Dalston bar Birthdays. The above photo was taken a few minutes before the band went on stage. As I haven’t seen the LA SHARK boys in a while, and was already in Hackney that evening having a look around Australian graffiti artist LUSH’s show, I decided that I would catch Throne again at a later date. As is typical of a LA SHARK show, the place was packed and the crowd were really into it. The show ended with a stage invasion and remainder of the night was spent dancing to 90s RnB in a snooker hall with Australian boys that are apparently members of a band called Foxx on Fire.

After rattling on about my love of the Holga cat camera in previous posts, it died last week after being used a grand total of five times. I am now convinced that I am a camera curse. On the plus side, no more getting weird looks from strangers on the tube when my bag lets out an inappropriately loud ‘miiaaaooow’ after accidentally knocking the talk button. R.I.P cat camera. It was fun while it lasted.

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