Friday, 30 December 2011


I have tried and given up on Twitter more times than I can remember. This is due to a combination of not being quite committed enough to tweet regularly, forgetting my password and wondering who actually cares that my new pair of JC Lita Spikes have just arrived. So I have decided therefore to leave Twitter to those with patience and stick to updating and this blog instead. Rather than listing current music/ style/ art obsessions and work updates in sporadic Twitter updates, it is far easier to collate them into one blog post. I haven’t updated my blog because I finally got around to creating my website So here goes.

This year I spent seven months collaborating with South London wonder-band LA SHARK to produce a zine about their world. I have recently uploaded it online so if you fancy having a flick through go to: Since finishing that, I have been wanting to create a new publication. After deliberating for what feels like forever I have finally started work on a new skate/ music zine. It’s still pretty early days but I will keep posting updates as and when I do a shoot/ interview. The main inspiration for this has been a re-kindled love of Dazed and Confused, the film not the magazine (although the magazine is great also). Cue an unhealthy obsession with tie dye/ acid wash denim and an appreciation of boys with long hair that I haven’t had since I was seven years old and Hanson were considered heartthrobs.

This month I have been mostly listening to The Grateful Dead, Ssssnakes (the photo at the top of this blog was taken at a gig of theirs in Swansea), Slayer, Kutosis, Crushed Beaks and Girls. I have also developed an unhealthy obsession with watching Criminal Minds and wanting to visit San Franciso, which has probably only been exacerbated by excessive listening to The Dead/ Girls.

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  1. Love your work. Really. And the Maccabees pictures are perfect!