Thursday, 15 March 2012


I am well aware that my I have neglected my blog over the past few months so I will try my hardest to update it a little more from now on. I have been so busy doing various things that I have instead been posting to my tumblr. That aside, here is what I got up to during February.

Last week I went to watch Kitsuné's newest signing CITIZENS! in Cardiff and took a few snaps, half of which I have still yet to get developed. Aside from being five very charming guys who put on a great show, they also have pretty impeccable style. Think tailored trousers, buttoned up shirts paired with denim jackets and brightly coloured socks and you're halfway there. Their style credibility has already been verified by directional menswear website MR PORTER and music-loving fashion house Mulberry. Always one to have their finger on the pulse of the next big thing, Mulberry invited the band to perform an acoustic cover of David Bowie's 'Prettiest Star' as part of their Valentine's Day celebrations. It is definitely worth checking out on YouTube, as is the Jamie N Commons cover of "Wish You Were Here".

I recently bought a Holga Shironeko cat camera that I have been lusting after for ages but have been putting off getting. Aside from looking adorable, there is a button that when pushed makes a meowing noise and flashes. Always a bonus. I have yet to try it out but will give it a test at The Maccabees/ LA SHARK gig this weekend and post a few photos if they turn out well.

The skate/ music/ fashion magazine is really starting to come together and should hopefully be finished by the beginning of summer. There is a pretty diverse mix of people featured but all of who I am really pleased to include. It feels really long overdue but great to be researching for and art directing a new project, as it has been nearly a year since my collaboration with LA SHARK was released.

This month’s obsessions include: Kit Neale’s A/W12 collection (Kit’s Tumblr is also one of my favourites and most visited -, 80s Thrasher Magazine, Alfred Hitchcock's 'Rebecca', Fluff Magazine and Keith Bayliss' paintings/ sculptures.

Most listened to include: A Grave With No Name, Blood Orange, James Taylor, Holy Shit and TLC.

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